Three Strategic Phases Requiring Seed Capital

The three strategic phases for seed capital (see below) cover only our core product for Christian schools. Our goal is to sell 11,000 subscriptions within 2 years of our Phase III seed capital infusion, generating revenue estimated at $15,000,000.

Development Phase ($970,000)

Current and ongoing.

• Ed U Tech Platform Development
• Development of Units of Inquiry
• Professional Development for Learning Coaches, Content Writers and Training
• Development of our Family Engagement products and seminars
• Development of our Learner Assessment Tools
• Initial Marketing Resources
• Payroll

Implementation Phase ($1,100,000)

September 2021 – August 2022

• Continue development of Units of Inquiry
• Continue development of Ed U Tech platform
• Develop proprietary learner assessments
• Beta Testing
• Hire and train marketing and sales teams
• Monitor Beta site and provide training
• Payroll
• 300 learners served (subscriptions)

Replication Phase ($1,730,000)

September 2022 – August 2023

• Hire and train support personnel
• 600 learner subscriptions achieved
• Continue Development of Units of Inquiry and Ed U Tech
• Introduce our products to home school and charter school networks
• Continuous staff development for Learning Coaches