The Need

There has never been a greater need, nor a bigger opportunity to transform and grow Christian education than we have before us today. Our society is sorely in need of Christ-centered servant leaders living as active influencers in society. Our children need an education that facilitates a deepening relationship with Christ, helps them discover truth and develop their unique God-given gifts, and enables them to live out their faith as young people while equipping them for lives of service and leadership for Him.

Traditional methods of Christian education are not meeting the needs or opportunities in front of us today. God’s truth is universal, and every aspect of education must be brought into it. Much of the instruction in many Christian schools is merely a respectable secular education wrapped around a thin veil of Christianity. Christian educators and parents are deceiving themselves by not integrating and applying God’s principles and truth across all areas of the curriculum. We must recognize the opportunities all around us to rapidly advance models of Christian education which honor Christ, are researched based, sustainable, and scalable which will prepare Christian youth for lives of servant leadership and service in all sectors of our society, now and in the future.