Bill Gibbons

Executive Director

Bill Gibbons is a visionary servant leader with a God-sized vision and faith to “transform education that honors Christ and advances His Kingdom”. He is an innovative educational entrepreneur “disruptor” who has designed radical approaches to K-12 education. He has a long history of stirring up thought leaders and influencing education in the U.S. and abroad. Bill founded HOSTS Learning in 1977, which grew to be the third largest provider of supplemental services in reading and mathematics in the nation. The Program served over a million students in 1,200 school across 44 states and Central America. The HOSTS Learning program holds the distinction of being the only research-based practices identified in the United States in the landmark legislation “No Child Left Behind Act.” The “Blue Chip” award was given to HOSTS Learning by the National Chamber of Commerce as one of the top four entrepreneurial companies in the United States.

Bill worked with national leaders in education, business, research, and politics, including two U.S. presidents, congressional leaders, and governors to create high-performing, low-cost, and scalable practices that advanced student performance in reading and mathematics. Upon retiring from HOSTS, Bill became the superintendent of Portland Christian Schools in Portland, Oregon, and later was asked by his pastor to become Superintendent at Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning and Leadership in Vancouver, Washington. It was there that the Lord reminded Bill that He provided him with all his previous knowledge and experience in order to design and implement a model practice that would honor Christ and advance His Kingdom. Bill served for eight years as Superintendent and used the school to design and incubate a high performing, tech-enabled, rigorous, relevant and relational educational practice, designed to help students and parents apply God’s truth to their daily lives and to cultivate their gifts and talents to serve God’s Kingdom.

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