AHK Next Steps

The current focus of ALL His Kids is to launch our new high school at our “Proof of Concept” site, King’s Way Academy for Learning and Leadership in Vancouver, Washington. King’s Way is the largest Christian school in Clark County Washington. They operate a traditional K-12 program and are cooperating with ALL His Kids to launch our new non-traditional model high school within their existing high school facility. This milestone will allow us to complete the proof of concept for our high school
model while marketing it in similar fashion to Christian schools in key strategic locations across the nation and eventually internationally. Additional revenue will be customized products and services to home school families and charter and micro-school networks.

Pricing structures for ALL His Kids core model and subsequent products and services will be sold on a subscription basis. The three strategic phases for seed capital (see below) cover only our core product for Christian schools. Our goal is to sell 11,000 subscriptions within 2 years of our Phase III seed capital infusion, generating revenue estimated at $15,000,000.